Trading Helper




Use this spreadsheet to help with your trading. Note that this is an investment into an ongoing development! It started out of pure necessity for our own trading. We needed a way to keep track of trading, and the tools to create spreaded positions doesn’t exist. This is why we came up with this — originally. It grew over the time to also include other tools, like a Win/Loss calculator as well.

It has various features already implemented:

  • Performance diary: note your daily account balance, and get visual feedback of your progress. It displays percentage gained/lost per day in percentage as well as a Bitcoin value.
  • The diary also has a comment field. This is useful to write down what happened that day. Later you can review these events, and make better future decisions, so that you can become more successful.
  • Spread and Stop-Loss Calculator: With this calculator, you can insert a desired percentage take-profit, the amount of coins you have, and a starting value (buy price). It will give you four positions, plus a stop-loss value, which you can use to place trades. This is manual, and so it works with any exchange, doesn’t need updating, and doesn’t break.
  • Win/Loss Calculator: For traders the question: “Should I sell now or should I keep?” is hard to answer because most traders almost never know how much they’re actually going to lose. The Win/Loss Calculator allows you to enter how much you bought, at which price. Then you can also tell it how much you sold already. With a third setting, you can play around with various price points, to figure out how much a coin still needs to climb to turn into profit. Saved my bacon quite a few times. It also takes away the “guessing” whether something is profitable or not.
  • Maximum Position: Here you can insert your trading volume. It will give you some advice on how much money you should put on one specific trade. You can set how much money you want to keep for safekeeping. This is useful because then you always have more money left for purchasing more coins when they get cheaper! It also saves you from putting too much money into a trade, so you never have to be stuck again watching the charts, and hoping for a win.
  • Today’s Trades: Here you can write down the trades you made on a specific day. This is good for new traders who want to keep track of their intraday progress.