Trading Cryptocurrencies – Video Course


Learn how I increased an investment in Bitcoin twentyfold in only two months!



What You’re Going To Learn

  • We’re going to check out multiple web-based and mobile platforms that are going to make your trading life easier.
  • I explain in through detailedness what makes the price on the market actually move.
  • You learn the most important indicators and how they are used effectively to find good entries for daytrading.
  • You learn some strategies for any of your trader skill stages. The course is divided in basic, intermediate, and pro. Each one has their own specialty.
  • In the advanced section you’re going to hear my 5 best trading strategies. Things that I had to learn the hard, so you don’t have to.
  • After this course you will be able to look at charts with a keen eye to read the charts, buy low, sell high.
  • Also, let’s not forget, you’ll learn how to get out of a losing trade without losing too much money.

What’s Included

  • The Full Package: Over 4 hours of content, additional resources, community.
  • When to Sell? When to Buy?: Learn to read the charts and when it’s the best time to buy and sell.
  • A Comprehensive Guide: This course contains everything to get your started quick.


  • Chapter 1 – Introduction and Disclaimer
  • Chapter 2 – Basic
    1. Getting Your First Bitcoin
    2. Poloniex Main Interface Overview
    3. Poloniex Rest of the Menus
    4. What Makes the Market Price Move
    5. How to Buy, Sell. How to Use Limit and Stop Orders
  • Chapter 3 – Intermediate
    1. Finding Long-Term Coins
    2. Trade Analysis
    3. TradingView
    4. Coinigy
    5. Mobile Apps
    6. Reading the MACD
    7. Reading the RSI
  • Chapter 4 – Advanced
    1. My 5 Best Trading Secrets
    2. Advanced Trading Strategy – Swing Trading
    3. Patience Pays
    4. Practice – Managing Losses and Using Leverage
  • Chapter 5 – Conclusion