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Motion Graphic Design for Apps and Websites, App Previews, YouTube Channel Design, Screencasting, Tutorials, Explainer Videos. Podcasts.

Some of our work samples.
sozialpr, Lebenskarriere, Chromebook Blog - Channel Artwork

Motion Graphic Design, YouTube Channel Redesign: Christian Müller

For Christian Müller (German channel) I designed the whole YouTube channel anew. He needed a graphical concept that fits his three separate brands but makes all designs look similar enough to visually communicate everything comes from one party. I did the entire lineup of channel artwork, intro animations, thumbnails, etc. This is his YouTube channel artwork.

Explainer Video: virtualQ

Product Tour: GarageBuy – iwascoding

App Preview: MindNode 3 for iOS – IdeasOnCanvas

iPad; Landscape.

iPhone; Landscape.

App Preview: Where To? – FutureTap

iPhone only; Portrait

Podcast Production: Puerto Patida

zCasting 3000 allows us to deliver a consistent audiobook quality to our listeners.

Puerto Patida

Puerto Patida - Podcast Audio Drama

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