Do you also know the frustrating feeling to re-record a screencast over and over again, just because of a small oversight? Yea, we too. Most of the time re-recordings are unnecessary, and that’s exactly what’s causing the frustration. We forget to undo a small little setting, a notification comes in, a phone rings, and then we have to rewind ten minutes of a foregoing recording. Of course you’d not record ten minutes straight, instead it is much better to record smaller pieces, but sometimes, you have to.

Even worse mistakes can happen, like recording with the wrong resolution. These typically show only late in a production. When everything is done, all of a sudden nothing is done, and you have to start all over. No fun for everyone.

That’s why we at zCasting 3000 work with a checklist. We’ve been developing this strategy over many years and it’s worked really really well for us.

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