Many logos have a looong story behind them. Ours, though, is a pretty short one.
When we were searching for a name for zCasting 3000, we were trying out different combinations of names with the character z in their name. So we came up with names like or (yuck!)

After a couple of tries we couldn’t find any good name. So we were “experimenting”.

I, jokingly, said: What about zCasting 3000?
The others: Wow, that sounds … almost interesting. I think of a cute, little screencasting robot.

So the name was born, but a logo was still missing. All we had was this screencasting robot thing picture whatever.

The zCasting 3000 Logo-Story

deviantart turned out to be a great resource for inspiration.
The robot should be cute, or cool, or both. These are our first tries on paper:

Click to see the whole picture!

The second tries:

Click to see the whole picture!

After the paper period we quickly moved to Inkscape. A program I actually love to make vector drawings with. Its interface is a bit weird though, but you get used to it.
Our first drafts tried to capture the paper idea into a vector graphic.

Then we realized: “Hey the thing on the top (the teeth) could read File, Edit, View and so forth.” That way imitating a computer interface, with a Dock at the bottom and a Menubar at the top.

This logo had a couple of drawbacks. It was a) too big and b) too detailed.
So we removed most of the details and made the logo smaller and smaller. We asked ourselves:

What elements are the most important ones?
Which elements can be left out?

So we came up with a fifth draft:

Now it had all important elements in there, but was still not very logo-ish yet. Too much detail in order to make a clean and shiny robot icon.
This is one of the final drafts:


My girlfriend argued: “Turn it upside down!”
I: “Dock on top?”
She: “Looks cuter that way!”

In my opinion the first robot looks better than the second one – more reputable. But on the other hand I can see the cuteness of the upside-down version. In fact we opened a Twtpoll to let people make a decision as to whether upside-down or upside-up is correct.

However that poll turned out. We made a decision. And that is: You’re holding it right!
There’s no right or wrong way of holding it. You don’t need to fit the logo, the logo fits you!
We gave away free buttons at this years Macoun conference. We actually made fun of it, asking people how they would think is the right orientation? Teeth on bottom or hair on top? Turns out people prefer the teeth on bottom version, whereas the original, intended, logo orientation is hair on top.
That’s why hair-on-top-bot is presented on the main page.