I’m using my mobile device in the storyboarding and storybuilding process quite extensively. The apps I use have come a long way but the app that I was using had a major new release and the company who bought the app didn’t do a good job with the new release. For these reasons, I needed something new. I’ve been trying apps on and off. Many things that were ought to help with storyboarding but all solutions fell short in terms of flexibility and easiness. In short, I didn’t find anything that satisfied. So I built my own.

My problem and idea

The problem is relatively simple: normal drawing tools are too complicated. They provide more pen types, and layers, and whathaveyou that I need. All those tools make it hard to storyboard on a mobile device because there’s just too much stuff to set and take care of. Also clients have a harder time to grok the interface. Something that just does doodles, is best.

Right now I’ve set for Notability (iOS, Mac) because the app is available on Mac and iOS, and I use it for general note taking as well.

Storyboard Template Preview

The storyboard template itself is made with Sketch. This means you can customize the template further to your specific needs.

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