MindNode is one of those apps that I really do use a lot on my devices. I don’t want to give more praise than really necessary, instead let’s cut right to the chase:
zCasting 3000 made an App Preview for IdeasOnCanvas’ MindNode 3 for iOS.

With this release we wanted to give users a very personal feel how it is to use MindNode. With the boundaries set by Apple, App Previews are really interesting to me. App Previews require a lot of screencasting skills, and hitting the 30 second limit is sometimes tough, because we have to build great stories that:

  • show how the app works
  • give the user enough incentive to buy the app
  • look great on multiple devices
  • sound great

Since I did lots of app videos in the past already, I often find that mind mapping is really unique. The thing that’s so fascinating is that you can explain what the app does, by doing what the app does. You can just use a mind map to show the concept of mind mapping. That was the basic idea that we I had for this video. IdeasOnCanvas agreed, and we got working.

After a while we realized to make the app more appealing, the text in the nodes needs to be very specific. It also needs to be specific, because the client choses music instead of a voice over. As I explain in my book, this means more attention and effort on the storyboarding part.

As it is with good design, things need to be minimized during a production to get to the core message. Leave out everything that is unnecessary, keep the important things.

Just an example, the original idea was to start with a mind map that looks a little bit like this:

This should have been the start screen, from where on we progressed through the app. We agreed that was too complicated. A couple of versions later I decided that it’s more important to highlight what MindNode does. It collects things, it is able to group things of similar content together, it allows to customize the appearance of these things, and it can share its content in various formats.

In the end, we removed all the cruft, and now in the video the mind map simply says “This is MindNode”. It doesn’t get simpler than that. Please check it out:

MindNode for iOS is available on the App Store.