The updates Apple has announced and released since yesterday are very exciting to us. Seeing an all new iMovie that uses effects coming from Motion 5 are great news for motion designers and professional editors.

iMovie doesn’t just use templates created with Motion, but it is also possible to use Motion templates in iMovie! Alex4D:

Today’s new version of iMovie uses the same effects, transitions and graphics system that is built into Final Cut Pro X, Apple’s professional editing application.

As Alex doesn’t explain the process, here’s how to get your Motion templates into iMovie 2013:

  • Open the Applications folder
  • Right click and choose Show Package Contents
  • Navigate: Contents → PlugIns → MediaProviders → MotionEffect.fxp → Contents → Resources → Templates

I can confirm that Titles can be copied to this folder and they work fine, but I had no luck with Transitions, Compositions, and Generators. They are not showing up, no matter whether they are added to just the folder or a theme. There may be a workaround where changing some data inside the Motion project itself may make the template show up, i.e. I assume changing the assigned theme may do that, but I haven’t tested this.

These are great news however. Professional motion designers can provide designs and plugins for amateurs and companies who want to use iMovie for their online content strategy. iMovie is easier to use and produces results faster than its professional counterpart Final Cut Pro X.

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