If you are not yet into video marketing, you should get into it as soon as possible. YouTube is the site that attracts a lot of users. The only problem? Getting people off of YouTube onto your site. A video needs to be compelling enough for viewers to click through to your website. The annotations that can be added to a video, are sometimes just not enough. Viewers may not have the required Flash plugin installed or some other technical disadvantages to view them. I saw some channels utilizing a neat little trick though, to get more people onto their website, very easily.

To get more people onto your website, a video needs to be engaging enough to make people go there. However you can be a little bit tricky to attract more people without the necessity to make a highly engaging video. YouTube has a feature that allows you to make a video be hidden. This allows everyone to see the video, when they have the link to it. The video can even be embedded on other websites, but they won’t show up on YouTube itself.

This is perfect to attract more people. Instead of making one video, you make two. One that is hidden, and the other one is not. The one that is public is just a short message to make people buy in to your message, but it doesn’t reveal the entire (attractive) content itself.

On your website or blog, make an entry where you embed the long, non-public, video. On YouTube itself place a link in the description and make an annotation that links to the blog entry. Now when people view your video, they will get a sense for what you’re talking about, but they don’t get to see everything. It is a trick to get people hooked.

The advantage here is that you still create content for your YouTube channel, which makes the channel rank higher in search results, but you also create more content for your website plus it attracts more people. The obvious downside is that you potentially annoy customers by making them click more than necessary.

I saw a couple of YouTube channels doing this now, and it’s pretty new. I’m eager to see how this turns out. Will subscriber counts for these channels go down? Will users downvote videos? Or will these channels boom and grow?