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Learn 10 of the most valuable best-practice tips for creating engaging product videos for your brand. Perfect your business’ online strategy with your own landing page video.

10 Tips for Creating Engaging Product Videos will, not only, teach you 10 of the best production tools that we have mastered over the years, but you will also learn how to streamline the production process. This book is full of good advice and practical tips.

Did we mention it’s free? It is! Just download, read, and get going! The downloads are below.

The best yet? We show off some of the material that we have been working on. 10 Tips for Creating Engaging Product Videos includes original storyboards, mind maps, and scripts from our productions. Look over the shoulders of zCasting 3000 to create better videos for your company. Take part in what is now one of the biggest online markets.

We explain how all the video formats such as screencasts, motion graphics, presentations, animations, and traditional video are used together to create great and engaging product videos. We detail how we use mind mapping and scriptwriting to craft stories that move customers.
On top of that we look at the production phases and work through them from start to finish. We expose bottlenecks and beginner problems, so that you have it easier yourselves.

The first chapter has useful takeaway markups which hold the gist of each section. This way you can recap sections quicker after a first read. The second chapter is all about the production itself. Do your homework here and it will make production a lot easier. The last chapter summarizes all of the most important points and presents them in a beautiful, easy to grasp, overview.

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